Travaux collectifs pour la preparation du champ pour la culture des legumes
Preparation du champ pour la culture des legumes

As part of the fight against nutritional insecurity in North part of Cameroon, the NGO APROSPEN and its partners SNV and CADEPI are experimenting gardens for the production of vegetable and legume in 6 target primary schools in the Adamaoua Region, specifically, at the Primary School of Massackbatt and the Primary School Mbang-mboum in the Nganha Sub-division, at the Primary School of Ndjouroum and the Primary School of Dibi in the Nyambaka Sub-division and, at the Primary School of Gunbela and the Primary School of Babongo in Meiganga  Sub-division. These activities are part of the implementation of the PRESEC project (Project to strengthen the resilience of the populations of the northern regions of Cameroon) financed by the Emergency Trust Fund for Africa of the European Union. These gardens are learning centers, where the community can freely access information on nutrition, good agronomic practices, post-harvest handling, marketing, grouping. So a center for practical demonstrations on agriculture, food preparation. In the context of Sustainable Nutrition for All, these centers are in primary schools. It is also a learning center for students regarding nutrition. Vegetables, especially those of green color, are rich in vitamins and minerals essential for health. From the information received by practicing in the center, the students and the population can replicate the gardens in households. The center will facilitate the demonstration of so-called 5-star meals in schools.